R & D

Sample Engineering Drawing


2019 - 2023

• Obtained over 20 Patents

• Developed Mono material packaging solution with high barrier (OTR <1)

• Laser embossed print on each individual bag were developed to have brand protection solution

• Developed Easy straight tear off solution without perforation

• Bio-degradable packaging solutions (PLA, PBAT, PLH etc) were launched

• Recycled Green Packaging Solution (work with ISCC certificated material supplier)

• Cellophane packaging solution (Paper parameter with plastic appearance)

2017 - 2019

• Obtained over 75 Patents

• Visual detectors were created to make 100% products to be inspected on line automatically

• Double zipper extruding production line were designed and launched

• Single layer pouch with wide-side seal to meet full recycle property

• Overcome PP laminated zipper bag to be leakproof

• Microwave Ready to Cook Pouch were developed

• New Milk bags without PAA, with very slight odor were developed

• New adaptor for direct pumping easier

• New plastic Holder to make breast feeding in the milk storage bag possible

2008 - 2017

• Over 10 new products were developed and got over 5 patents for improvement on new products and improvement of equipment

• R&D created, developed breast milk storage bag & Oven bag successfully